Thursday, July 19, 2012

What we are doing at home with your brothers? You want to come home now?

My dearest little baby.... I want you to know how fun it is to be home with your brothers.  Do you know that your dada gave your second brother Laynden another nick name?  Well, grandpa gave him a nick name of "botak", in Malay, "botak" means baldy, it's because when he was born, he hardly have hair, even now, he doesn't have a whole lot of hair, nothing compared to you and your big brother.  Your Yee Kor LOVES LOVES LOVES the apple products.  Anything that starts with "i"... ipod, ipad, iphone... he will hijack the "i's" when he sees it... so, dada gave him a new nick name call "ibotak".  Isn't it cute?

Anyway, Yee Kor is turning 2 really soon.  I guess dada have sixth sense, he knew that day yee kor will destroy the otterbox cover that mama have for mama's ipad, so, he bought yee kor his birthday give, it's a Cars 2 ipad cover since he loves his ipad so much.

Here it is... it came today.

Isn't it cool???  Guess what, mama promise to get you 2 ipads if you want... anything that you want.  Shh.... don't tell your brothers mama said that, if they only knew what you are going through and probably will have to go through for the rest of your life.... I am sure they understand that mama is not being unfair.  Mama is just making up for everything mama can do.

Yay... finally something that has a lot more padding and hopefully your creative second brother will not find ways to break it.  This Cars 2 Disney Ipad 2 cover cost $49.99, it better last him for the rest of the ipad's life.

Check him out... he's so busy playing with his ipad... he loves it.

Anyway.... while your second brother is busy playing his new toy, I couldn't find your big brother, guess where I found him?

Koko likes to say... Cozy and Comfy.  I guess he's tired.

Anyway... I went into the closet to clean out the bathroom, just wanted to be more organized and your yee kor came and accompanied mama.  Ok... he definitely needs a diaper change.

Look at Yee Kor.... too busy with Cars 2...

Mama.... STOP taking pics.... paparazzi...

Ok.... mama is done... need to come visit you :)

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