Friday, September 6, 2013

Yay!!! We've got back our nursing hours.

So, ever since I saw the letter stating that your nursing hours will be cut from 168/ week to 112/week, mama has been stressing.  Yes, how would I manage?  It's not easy at all, even with 24 hours care, I am already like a cartoon running around going after your 2 older brother's activities plus work and business.  There isn't a day I go down without feeling like I am still not done with everything.

Mama was so nervous, mama called in on 9/6 at 10 am and mama invited Ms Sharon to be on the phone be with us if in case there is anything that mama cannot understand, at least Ms Sharon will be able to help us.  When we first started, the moderator said, we have decided this morning that we will resume all hours.

Thank you so much to Dr Gelfand and Dr Jenelle Wong for their letter.  I guess mama now learn another new thing in life!!! You are such an amazing mama, you teach mama so many things, now mama knows the system to fight Medicaid too.  :)  Happy happy... mama did the happy dance today.

Ohh... and Miss Cassandra is back, finally :)