Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sitting down here at working, thinking about the day I read about CCHS, not knowing that one day, I would have a CCHS baby.

I have been traveling to work every other week now.  It's nice that I still have my 24 hours nursing but looks like they want to cut it down and when that happens, I am not sure how it will affect me.

Sitting down here, I have been thinking about the day where I was reading about this boy in UK.. apparently he fears to go to sleep because without support when he sleeps, he will not get up.  Little did I know that almost 2 years later, I have that problem.

Life is just full of surprises, sometimes, you may have already come across something but at that moment, it's just something that you glance through but when it hits you, then you remember... ahh... I read about this years ago. 

I'm tired.... thinking that I need to prepare stuff to fight with Medicaid to get my nursing hours.  Just not the thing that I feel like doing.  

I am currently reading Life without Limits, Nick said that everybody serves a purpose and when you talk to people, they will tell you that God is polishing me and wanting to equip me with things for future.  At a moment, I thought God wanted me to change career, but looks like... he wanted me to learn to be a schedule, a nurse, a pulmonologist and now an attorney?  Hmm.... well, I'll go now, whatever his plans are, I am sure I will be able to do it as I will fight for my little one.