Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1st year home..... YAY.... we did it! Happy 1st Anniversary!

I still remember being so anxious that morning.  It was THE DAY!!!! The day where I was supposed to carry you home, bring you home in a baby carrier, in your "going home" outfit.  Of course, that didn't happen, when we left the hospital, you were 5 months and 2 days old instead of 4 days old, mama still bought you a cute little outfit because it was a special day.  Yes, typically, I expect to bring home a little baby that wears a newborn size diaper but nope... mama brought home a BIG baby.  Mama's baby wears a size 3 diaper, same as your middle brother who is 2+ years old and guess what?  Mama definitely did not expect to bring home a baby that has teeth!  Yes, you do have teeth when you got home.  

FAST FORWARD...... 1 year later....

I am so proud of you, yes, we have scary moments, like having to call 911 exactly a week after we got home because you decided to quit breathing on us for over a minute.  Miss Yemi (our favorite night nurse) was talking to mama, we were looking back at a year ago, she said, if we just need to bag 3 times that shift, it was a GREAT night.  We go anywhere from 15 to over 20 times sometimes.  Yes my dear, that's why we are losing nurses because we do not resuscitate babies like that.  Anyway, yes, we have our ups and down but I am so proud of you.  Today, being exactly a year after we came home, you are walking, not a whole lot but quite a bit of steps. 

Look at how much you have grown?  Mama is very happy and proud of you little Laynson.

Btw, this shirt belongs to Uncle Lionel, so, this shirt is approximately 25 years old.