Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Successful Tummy Time after having a trach

Well, I am so sorry little Laynson that it may seem like mama is torturing you.  I have to train you to be tough.  You are already 13 weeks old, I needed to make sure that you have better head control.  You've been sleeping so much on the back, you hardly get any tummy time and worst of all, having the trach, nobody really gives you tummy time at all.  That's why mama had to post on the CCHS group asking them how they did it.  Sarah Yang posted a picture of Madi for me.  Very thoughtful.

Anyway, I saw that and started looking for it and found another Lamaze tummy time item mat.  Sorry baby, it is not here yet, so, mama have to use the boppy pillow instead.

YAY... it works!
Mama.... are you trying to kill me?

You look so cute!!!! Like a little puppy :P

Mama.... I am started to get mad soon.... I am not kidding!

I am getting ready to get really mad.... I am turning blue....

Ok.... at the end, you got a little upset, thank goodness no blue spells today.  Good boy!

After that, dada called, so, mama took a screenshot of Dada using facetime with us...

And this is you... chilling out before passing out in the boppy on the floor with mama :)

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