Saturday, July 21, 2012

CO2 83??? Heart beat 190s??? Gosh... not the best day.

The whole family went to Maggianos since Yee Ma has a $50 gift card and we have a $30 giftcard too, after that, poh poh said she wanted to buy an ipad.... guess what... she finally did :)  Look at her, she is so happy.  We went to the Willow Bend's Apple store.


After that, we went straight to the hospital to see you.  I walked into your room... my eyes POPPED!!!! 

WHAT???  CO2 on the T-Com about 83?  Ok... this is not right.  The T-Com has been colerating with your gas.  I am not happy.  Then, looking at your heart rate, it's over 180s and sometimes 190s?  Ok... this is not good.

In my heart, I kinda knew right away that it's one of your little plan to continue your stay here in NICU :(

Here is a picture of mama with you.

And here is mama, kissing you sweet little baby.

You were just way too tired after the bath but I do notice that each time when you are not feeling well or CO2 is high, your eyes look really puffy.  

Anyway, Tammie, the NP assured me that if it goes up to 80 again, we will do something right away.  After that, your CO2 were in the range of 50-60s, which I still don't like :(  I was told that you need to be in the 35 range for CCHS.  How do I communicate this over that it is very crucial for you to be in that range?  Each time we talk to them, they would come up with a bunch of reasons, no, these kids are different from the normal kids :( 

We went back earlier since your Yee Ko didn't have much nap.  He is very tired and we drove just one car, so, we left earlier that night.  Take care sweet baby!

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