Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shhh..... can we walk to the hallway to talk about this? We're moving on to Our Children's house of Baylor.

So, as I walked in passing by the receptionist area, this lady said, you're the one that I am looking for.  I looked at her, wondering, who she is.  Then, she said, err... maybe not.  I'm looking for Laura.  I guess she thinks that I must have an Asian name or I don't look like a Laura.  I finally said, yea, I am Laura.  She's like... I'm Tracy from Our Children's house.  I said... ohh... great.  She said she'll come to my room to talk to me.

Anyway, I went into the room, you were sleeping very peacefully.  She came to talk to me, she said that we would know if we are moving there on Monday by tomorrow.  Wait.... we are going to C7 first before we go there.  She said, there isn't room in C7, so, most likely, we are going straight to Baylor.

YAY.... I am excited because that means, we will cut short 2 weeks or so.  The 2 weeks that you delayed and wasted Mr Lim.  Well, so, my plan was to play with you, I saw how Renee was playing with you and you liked it so, I proped you up, played with you and then, I really want you to do tummy time because I want to train your neck. 

Mama playing with you while koko snap a picture.  I guess koko didn't learn his photography skills when he was with Suki Ah yee, it's ok, I guess he has talents else where.

Mama... you are suffocating me.

Hmm.... no likey!  Not fun at all... 

You got mad and OMG.... this is the scariest episode that I've seen from you.  It really looks like you  had a seizure.  I don't quite like the nurse today, she's cold, doesn't seem to be nice at all.  Thank goodness, it is her second day in a row that she's taking care of you, so, at least the next day, I know I won't see her.  She's nothing like Nicole, Angela, Janette or Julie.  Oh well... anyway, honestly, I am afraid because this time, you really passed out and they had to resuscitate you with the ambu bag.  Your heart rate dropped to the 60s.  Ok Mr... I don't know how many of this episodes I can take.  I know they did tell me that this is a classic CCHS thingy but man.... this is not good for you and me.

Ok... this is you after you recovered but you were still passed out.

Well.... you finally fully recovered and got up and look at your cheeky face.... were you asking me... Mama... did I scare you, was it a good scare???

 Little Laynson, mama is very tired and getting really old.  These 3 months made mama feel like mama aged 20 years and mama's heart cannot take all these little suprises you are doing.  Please be a good boy, ok?

Good night sweet baby.

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