Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dada left for Phoenix again & Got a scary call?

It's sad, Dada had to leave for Phoenix again.... he has plans to come back this Friday but may have to fly to Oregon :(  If he did, we wasted $122 for air tickets and he won't get to see you for over a week.

Oh well... so, mama went to see Dr Vu and Vicki today because mama has not stop bleeding since June 19th, the day where mama put the IUD in.  Yes... no more babies... too scary for mama, no more surprises.  Anyway.... mama had to take out the IUD and reinsert a new one.  This time, it didn't hurt that much putting in but after that, the cramping is pretty bad.  Mama had to go to Garland to get a new loaner.  Thank goodness we managed to get another loaner.  They said that the GTR transmission cost $17K and they needed somebody to approve the amount for warranty.  Well... hopefully it will be fast and also, hopefully they will even reimburse the $1,800 we paid to Kenny Tran (Jotech)?

Anyway, on the way to Trophy Nissan, the phone rang.... "Unknown".... ok... I hate to see that caller ID because I know it's the hospital.  I received a call from the NP.  She said.... not sure if you had the latest on your baby.  I said the last we called, he was ok.  Well, this is what the NP said, he had a seizure yesterday and we think it's due to his fever yesterday.  Today, he had more seizure but this time, it lasted about 10 minutes... he did the lip smacking thing so, we just wanted to update you that we have put him on the seizure medication to stop his seizure but we think this will be a permanent medication.  Wait.... WHAT?? Seizure????  In my heart, NO WAY.... I said, I was there yesterday and nobody said anything about seizures... we called several times today, nobody mentioned anything as well.  WHY???  Well... she said since we think the fever caused the seizure, we probably didn't mention much and because his temperature came down after we unswaddle him... he didn't have the seizure but today, he didn't have the fever and still had the seizure.  Ok... so I asked... what was his temperature when he had the fever?  She said... 103.  WHATTTT??? Ok... I am getting sick in my tummy and upset because I was not told about this AT ALL.... how come?  Nicole is our favorite day nurse and she would have told us if he had a fever and definitely a seizure?  Then, NP said, today, we had to up his respiratory and pressure control.  I said but he was fine all day yesterday at 24 RR and 21% O2 and pressure control of 10.  Then... suddenly she looked at the numbers and she said... wait a min, wait a min... I am so sorry, I had your number pulled up but I was thinking about another baby.  I am so very sorry.  Then... the phone line cut off.

I was like... err... so, is my baby OK?  Are you OK?  At that moment, do you know what's going on in my head?  I was thinking... oh Lord.... are you really testing my strength?  Just went I wrote on my blog yesterday, saying that I am so happy and moving forward, you throw a curve ball at me?  I was just depressed but I am so glad that it wasn't my baby.  It wasn't you.  You were getting better... on target to go to C7 soon, hopefully. :)

Got here and immediately, mama helped you bath... yes... ALONE, so proud of myself.  After that, with the help of Abdullah, your RT, mama managed to change your trach ties.  Still trying to perfect this process, bare with mama, ok :)

Check this out... you were cranky occassionaly during bath time, we need to do this everyday to make sure that you get familiar with the routines :)

 See... it wasn't that bad after all....  you were happy that you are now a clean baby.

Mama must have worn you out... right after your bath, you crashed.

Mama went down with gong gong to eat dinner... came back up and you were awake.  I guess you were hungry, now that they gave you 12 CC of milk.  Yes baby... only 12CC, it's like a drop for you since you were used to drinking anywhere from 120cc to 180cc each time.  I guess as soon as you have some milk in your tummy, you remember what it was like to drink :)

You were sucking on your pacifier and as soon as the paci fell... gosh, you got so mad and what do you do when you get mad???  Yes... you made sure mama know... you will hold on to your breathe so that you will desat and the monitor will start alarming.  I guess that's how God made our CCHS babies.  Since they have to be trach, care takers will not be able to hear them cry and the only way for us to know is you guys desat like crazy and we will know that you guys are upset? 

Here is a picture of you sucking and sucking, yes... that's why you had your tongue out.

Anyway, after Miss Patty had her assessment done, mama left at about midnight.  Mama is still working on work stuff and also business stuff.  It's tiring but mama is happy that you are feeling better.

As mama was driving home, mama think that the NP was probably thinking of the other CCHS baby, if it is, I feel sad for the baby.  Good night baby!

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