Friday, July 27, 2012

3rd time changing the trach - SUCCESS!

Third time's a charm.... yay... a successful trach change...  So, the same routine, bath time, then, it was time to change the trach.

So, I've got everything prepared, this time, I reminded Ah Yee to take a video. 

Ok.... so, after we put the trach back on, got everything done... your favorite night nurse, Miss Angela said.... "Except that we forgot the polymem silver".... great... Miss Angela, you should have said it earlier.  LOL... I guess she must see that mama is so tense, she didn't want to add on.

So, we had to take your trach tie out again and put the polymem silver.

After mama worn you out AGAIN, it was dinner time for you, so, mama fed you about 60 cc by bottle.  Then it was mama's turn to have dinner.  Ah Yee bought mama's favorite Char Kuey Teow from Secret Recipe.

To be continued......

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