Monday, July 9, 2012

First time smilling at mama.... SWEEEEET...

Yes, we got here really late, Miss Nicole is your nurse again today.  She called us on our way here asking us if we will be doing the trach care.  We said yes but of course, it scare mama because mama was afraid that there is any bad news, since the hospital called.

Anyway... we got here and immediately I said HI... you smiled back at me.  I got excited and said... he's smiling... and then, dada came and you smile again.  SO SWEET!

Miss Nicole is your nurse again today :)  She told us that we can sit you up so that you will not be too far behind in terms of development.  She really can read mama's mind, mama was just talking to Dada in the car, telling him that we need to start giving you tummy time, so that you won't be too far behind in terms of development.  We know that you are a smart little baby but because you have been in NICU forever, so, you are just not getting enough tummy time.  Anyway... she said that she told the therapist to work with you, how sweet and nice is that :)

Hi Dada :) Am I cute?

Miss Nicole was nice enough to even help us take a picture with you.

So, we were helping you with the trach care, we have to do that daily.  Mama is worried that when Dada leaves for Phoenix tomorrow, who will be helping mama?  Nicole said that a nurse should be able to help me. 

OK... do you know why you are suddenly tubeless?  You managed to sneak and pull your tube out while Dada and Mama were both busy changing your trach tie.  Smart boy.. so, when Miss Nicole went to get your new tube... mama managed to take some tubeless pictures again :)

You are just WAY TOO CUTE!!!!

See... there you go... again almost about the crack a smile.

Your favorite volunteer, I don't know her name but I will ask her tomorrow came by to see you.  She loves you so much... you enjoyed her talking to you so much and you were such a happy baby but you were really mad because they had to put the tube back in.... well, at least it's a smaller size tube and in your nose?  I know it is uncomfortable regardless but at least they could start trying to feed you again through that tube instead of having to again reinsert another one? 

We had to leave a little earlier today because Dada have to fly back to Phoenix early tomorrow morning. Mama waited till you fell asleep before mama left as usual.  Good night sweet baby boy.... SWEET DREAMS....

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