Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby's First July 4th - Another rough day.

My sweet baby boy, this is your first July 4th!!!  Unlike your brothers, you spend your 1st July 4th in the hospital, probably not feeling too good.  Though, we managed to see the fireworks from your room's window.

Anyway, thanks to Yee Ma, she gave us a sushi treat in the afternoon.  After that, we rushed to the hospital, trying to be there for you when they wheel you in the OR.  They lost your only IV line.  If you didn't have your big belly, we wouldn't have need it but because they were very concern about your huge belly, they made sure you do not have food going into the tummy.  So, they called to get a phone consent to do the PICC line.  By the time I got to the hospital, I missed you by 5 minutes.

We were waiting for you down at the lower level.  Both your koko were having fun, dancing to the "Power Ranger" song.  Shelley messaged mama, telling mama that Miss Brandy is up in the PICU.  Miss Brandy is Landon's mom.  Landon is the other CCHS kid in Dallas.  He is about 6.5 years old and he is a NPARM.  Brandy and I texted back and forth and we ended up meeting each other and talking about Landon at the cafeteria.  Landon has a brother, Carter that is pretty critical in the PICU now suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  I keep saying that my life sucks but I cannot imagine being Brandy.  Landon is trach and Carter has to be trach too.  It will just be too much for a mom to handle, that's what I think.  Anyway, she was telling me about what Landon had to go through and that's what I am worrying too, about the Hirschsprungs, if they even caught everything or what ever you are having is just Entercolitis.  Sigh.. it's really a lot for me to process.

I thought we were on track and heading home really soon but we are taking some steps back again.  Anyway, I still remember the previous PICC took about an hour but we went into 2 hours and still no signs of you.  Finally, 2.5 hours later, the nurse called, we went up and headed your way, the nurse told us to wait in the waiting room.  Hmm... that's not good is what I thought.  I remember your neighbor, Room 12 came back from the surgery the same day you had your trach, they had complications and that's when they told the mom to sit outside to wait.  I was worried, not sure what's happening.  Came back and they told me that they were not successful with the PICC.  I look at your poor little arms, they poked every where... poor baby and since they were not successful, they had to do a central line in the groins. 

When we were finally told to come back, I knew that you were not stable.  The NP, several nurses, RT were all outside your room.  Saw the readings on the machine, O2 of 70, RR of 45, hmm... not good.  I could sense that they didn't really want me to hear the gas, your ph was about 6.45, Co2 was over 130, other readings didn't show up, they didn't know why, so, they immediately did another gas and the same thing. They even tried a different machine, thinking that it's the machine but it's your reading.  We were all very worried.

You didn't look good :( 

We waited and finally, you open your eyes a little.  Yes, your eyes were puffy. 

20 minutes later.... they did another gas, the NP and nurses were all surprised.  They were joking, saying that you were afraid of the Oscilator ventilator.  That probably gave you a scare and you did not want to be on that vent.  Apparently, you wouldn't like that vent, it is loud, because our neighbor, room 10 has that on 24/7 and Miss Angela said that the regular ventilator just give you pressure but this one would take the pressure off too.  That will make sure that the CO2 comes down really quickly.  Your gas came back with a ph of 7.42 and CO2 of 36, which is perfect, so, they wean the rate down from 50 to 45.  Did another gas an hour later and CO2 was 20??? Hmm... too low this time.

Miss Angela loves you a lot, she made sure that the tapes on you were comfortable, some nurse actually taped your boy part really badly and obviously not comfortable since you had the catheter.  She cleaned you up, made sure you are a happy and comfy boy.  There she is... helping you.

Angela said that we'll put on some clothes for you and turn off the heat, so, I managed to grab the Baby's 1st July 4th shirt for you.  Even though you look puffy, you look cute in it.

There you go, Miss Angela helping you again with your shirt.

You finally slept after all the hoo hah for the day.

Happy July 4th sweet baby boy!

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