Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First trach change by ENT & First Trach Care by Mama & Dada- 07/03/2012

Miss Erica called yesterday asking us to come in to work with her on the trach change.  I thought they were going to let us watch your first trach change but I guess it's not.  They already change the trach at 6.30am, so, we were actually here for the trach care teaching.  Miss Shelley came too and she met Dada for the first time.  She again made sure that mama is comfortable with everything.

Anyway, she told mama that when she was 19, she always wanted to adopt an Asian baby but after she had Zoe and since she has CCHS, she decided not to and now, she has you.  She's exactly like your mama, you are one lucky boy, baby Laynson.

We sat with Miss Erica for about an hour learning more about the trach and how to manage and clean it.  It's not too bad, after that, we had to do hands on with you... not the baby doll anymore.  Hmm... when it came to you, it's different because I was afraid that I was going to hurt you or make you uncomfortable.  Of course, you desat.... I guess Dada was pushing the trach too in, causing you to choke and cough and desat?  After that, it was ok but the part that is gross to me is cleaning the hole.  It's just a little too much for me but I managed to just quickly clean it and be done with it.

Your ties were a little too long, so, Miss Erica and Lisa (Our favorite RT) were trying to fix your tie.

Look at you, trying to tell mama... Please... they are suffocating me.

Mama... please help.

Ok... are you guys done?  This is taking too long.

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