Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tiring day helping Yee Ma Move & ANOTHER CCHS BABY IN CMC???

Mama helped Yee ma pack her house, apparently the people will start working on her house tomorrow.  I just hate moving because it reminded me of the time where I lost my precious jewelries?  Anyway... mama made sure to help Yee Ma before we left to see you in the hospital.

Your tummy again was a lot softer.... very nice.  34.5, I love that.... I told Yee Ma to measure SherLi's tummy, even though she's probably about 12 lbs now.... we want to see how big it is... it is 43... so, if you are about 10+lbs, 34.5 isn't that bad, what you think?

We got here and hmm... you were just not the best smelling baby around :P  Yes... after your trach change, your belly started giving us problem, so, you didn't even bath at all for over a week, so, mama asked Miss Nicole if we can bath you.  She was so nice.... yes... she LOVES you so much... she help mama clean you up and yes.... mama asked to help change your trach tie because mama wanted to make sure to learn ASAP so that we can head home ASAP.

Here you go... Miss Nicole helping mama, giving you a bath.

This is the first time mama has given you a bath after you have your trach.

Mama, combing your cute little hair...

Here you are... occasionally mad, occassionally enjoying your bath :)

And then... mama posing for Dada after cleaning you up.

Finally.... clean and happy baby so that poh poh will smell a nice smelling baby.

After that.... poh poh and gong gong came.  They started talking to you and you just love listening to them.

Ok... if you are wondering what gong gong was telling you, let me tell you that EVERY TIME gong gong come visit you, he will tell you to get well and come back with us ASAP and that everyone at home is waiting for you to come home and loves you a lot.

Poh poh on the other hand will give you light everytime she comes visit you.

Can you tell how much they love you?

Anyway.... ok... changing topic.... Mama overheard them saying that there could possibly be another baby with CCHS??  WHAT??? Ok... I thought this is rare but to have 2 babies pretty much the same time with CCHS in the same hospital is definitely VERY SPOOKY.  I guess we will know more since I assume that the CCHS mom eventually will meet each other?  If it is... I wonder if the baby is a boy or girl?  I think I heard that the baby is younger than you.... so... you are no longer the youngest??? Man... you didn't hold the title as the Youngest CCHS patient for too long, did you?  LOL... yes... mama can laugh about it now but it is sure not funny when mama found out that you had CCHS.

Leigh, the NP came to talk to mama, asked mama's permission to see if it's ok for the Rhode's family to see you since their baby will have to have a trach soon.  I wonder if that's the family with CCHS or just happen that they needed the trach?  Anyway, yea... no problems at all if they wanted to see you.  I am sad that I didn't get to see an infant with a trach, that way, I can be more prepared but thank goodness for the internet, mama just google and saw it, of course it's different if there is a real life infant but it was good enough.  Actually, Allen in Room 14 had a trach but I know that they did mention that there is a baby that is in a pretty serious condition with trach, that's why they didn't want to show mama.  Poor Allen, he is suffering from some brain issue since his mama's placenta broke when he was 6 months old in the tummy and initially, the doctor thought that he didn't make it but by the time they detected heart beat, he was too long without oxygen in his mama's tummy.  Anyway... back to the trach... yes, mama hated the idea but happy to see that you at least are happier without the mask on and this will be part of you for a while.

Mama know that someday, we will put the pacer in for you so that you no longer will have a trach.  We'll work on a smaller goal which is to only ventilate 12 hours a day, ok?  Then we talk about pacers :)

Aunt Sue, Uncle Thomas, Ella and Liam also came to visit you.  Thank goodness the receptionist was nice enough to let Aunt Sue take a peek at you, if not, poor them, came all the way from Mansfield but didn't get to see you.  They brought you a little gift, books so that mama can read to you.  Thank you Aunt Sue!

Since dada didn't get to hold you yesterday, it was his turn to hold you today....

Finally... it was time to go home, it was time for us to go home, we waited till you fell asleep... good night sweet baby.

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