Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today is a good day, hopefully we'll have many good days going forward.

Mama came to visit you a little later this evening because we just had a bunch of stock in from Baby Love.  Also, Yee Ma will move over to our house for a couple of weeks so that she can renovate her house.  She's putting wood floor all over the downstairs, repainting the walls and ordered custom cabinets for her office, spending at lot of money on all her projects.  So, mama had to clean up some areas to accommodate everyone.

After we were done packing, it suddenly seem like it's going to rain and the wind was super strong, so, I suggested to your dada to play the kite that he bought for 4 of you, yes, dada bought a small kite for you too and 3 others for Big Koko, Meng and Yee Ko.

Check it out, first time koko flying the kite.

Minutes later... ohh noo.....

Yes... the kite got stuck in the tree, thank goodness we were able to get it down, if not, there goes that kite.

Anyway, Miss Shelley came to see Carter and wanted to visit you too, so, I added her on the list of people that can come visit.  When the receptionist ask, what's the relationship?  I just told Dada to tell her that she's your God Mother.  She is like your god mother... I guess we are related by mutation, that's what she always say :)  Anyway... she was funny, she said that the nurse probably has never met me, so, when she was there, the nurse asked, are you Mom?  She said... he's Asian, I am Caucasian, MOM????  Hmm.... they laughed and when she told me, I was laughing hard too.  Anyway... Miss Shelley called, telling me that she spent so much time with you and you had lots of fun with her.  She also told me that she told you what you cannot do to scare mama... hopefully you will remember that.

Anyway, we called the nurse in the morning and one of the reading was 35??  YAY, happy to hear that and most importantly, it's soft.  Glad your tummy is feeling better.  I just hope it's exactly what Gail said that her son had, which is the Entercolitis and after a few days of IV and Antibotics, he was well and the same goes to you.  Please...

We asked the nurse how is your Ultrasound for the abdomen, they said that it looks good, which is hopefully a good indication that you don't have Neuroblastoma.  I read that and it's basically a tumor, which if it's a serious one needs chemo?  Ok... mama is not ready for that, ok?

Mama got to hold you again, FINALLY.... I was not able to hold you for over a week, before, it was because you just had the trach and was sedated and then after that, you had the belly issues.  Mama miss holding you and finally... yesterday, mama got to hold you for the first time with your trach - 7/7/2012.

You were so happy and comfortable in mama's arm, you fell asleep in no time.

Then, poh poh and gong gong came, so, mama decided to prop you up and let you sit, say CHEESE.....

You were just tired after playing with Miss Shelley and then mama.


Nite nite... sweet baby boy.... sound asleep in mama's arm.

Mama went down for dinner after talking to Miss Jennette.  I was explaining to her what I know about CCHS, since it is not common at all.  When mama got down, mama saw dada sitting with your 2 brothers... not looking happy at all... apparently, big koko dropped his ipad several times that night...  he was really mad.  Oh well.... it's just an ipad... nothing compares to the happy moment mama had with you today :)

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