Friday, July 20, 2012

Second time changing the trach.... still not successful

I really dislike doing this.... It's NOT fun at all :(  I hate to change the trach.  They keep saying that it doesn't hurt him but honestly, the way you cried... gosh, it hurts me so badly.

Mama went to Costco first before heading to the hospital because mama needed to claim the cashback but mama forgot to bring the rebate.  Oh well... anyway, after that mama and gong gong headed to see you.

You did not throw a fit this time, not even when mama washed your hair.  Good boy but.... you got mad when mama was trying to do the trach change.  Poor baby, I can see that you were so upset and uncomfortable :(
Step 1: Take out the trach ties
Step 2: Clean your neck

RT Jason explaining to mama again what to do again since this is the second time.

Step 3: RT takes out the trach
Step 4: Mama put in the trach

Not successful, second try:

Finally.... RT has to push it all the way since you were clamping down again and reconnect the vent.

Step 5: Connect back the trach tie

Step 6: Finally, insert the gauze on the trach.

Guess what.... after all that hard work... you fell asleep even before mama put clothes on you.  My poor little baby... apparently, it will get better.  Mama is telling poh poh that mama will learn fast so that you can come home as soon as possible.

In the mean time... do you know what your brothers are doing at home?  Playing ipad all the long, are you excited to come home to play with them?

Can you see how much fun it is at home?  Please don't do silly things just to prolong your stay at the NICU ok?  Please have a great weekend for us so that we can move on Monday morning :)

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