Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Haddad Syndrome.. What??? Another term?

As I was surfing the Facebook CCHS page, I saw a mom from Korea posted on the CCHS stating that her son has the Haddad Syndrome.  I begin to wonder, what is that... so, I posted a question to the group, asking them... if my son has CCHS and has Hirschsprungs, does that mean he has the Haddad Syndrome?  Ok... another term thrown at mama and another Syndrome???  I don't like it.

After reading an article posted by them, I think that's what he has.  Since he has CCHS and Hirschsprungs, he has the Haddad Syndrome.

Look at you, looking so cute Mr...

Anyway, mama bath you and put on a cute shirt on you, after that, mama wrapped you up afraid that you were cold but I guess it made you too hot?

You got up and you were sweating.  Your temp went up to 99.7 :(  Sorry...  Mama had to change another shirt for you.

Now... you are wide awake! :)


 Again... your ipad King brothers....

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