Friday, July 6, 2012

We are taking some steps back.... but we will keep hoping for the best

Mama is still very worried about you.  Your tummy seems to be a little softer but it is still huge.  They have been taking KUB daily to check on your tummy.  Apparently, Elisha, the nurse practitioner said that it is getting smaller compared to on Tuesday.  She showed me the X-ray, err... to me, they look the same.

You were more awake today when we got here but Miss Nicole put you back on Fentanyl because you were fussy.  I guess you hated the repogal tube through your mouth, I can see that you are gagging and I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it is.   The repogal is to help extract air or anything out of your tummy to hopefully help make your tummy softer and smaller.

You were constantly crying and being really fussy, even though I asked Miss Nicole if I could carry you but she said that since you were fussy, we will wait till you were given Fentanyl so that you will be more comfortable to be held.

I guess after being there for a while, you were a bit happier.  Dada started singing to you and you seem a little happier, I guess the Fentanyl kicked it as well.

Check out my happy baby.... your tummy was finally a little smaller than before, still big, 39 cm, but I will take that compared to 44, 2 days ago.

The NP came by and said that he looks like he is starting to smile, I looked at him and I said... err... I don't think he has for me... now when I look back at your picture, I do notice that you seem to be smiling at mama... aww.... cute baby :)

Honestly, I still remember a couple of days ago, mama said that we were on track, on the way home... I guess I said too soon.  Should have just kept my mouth shut.  I guess that's your style, you take steps forward but you also take steps back.  It's ok... I was joking to the receptionist, saying that you love the attention and treatment here.  Also, you love the downtown view.... living in Frisco, you won't get anything like that :)

Here you go, another beautiful picture of you.  You definitely look much better, not as puffy.

Though, you seem to put on a lot of weight... 10 lbs 13 oz but we think it's just the water retention you had.  Also... YAY for mama, they took out the catheter.  I was afraid that we had to deal with another issue with you not pee peeing.  Though, I am happy that the doctor and NP took mama's suggestion seriously.  The reason is because I did a lot of reading and was concern about you having Neuroblastoma, according to the article, 20/29 and 20/33 have high chance of getting neuroblastoma, I asked Miss Shelley if she knows of anyone, she said just 1, Ty.  I know it's rare but I am not taking chances.  Dr. Becky Ennis ordered the Abdomen Ultrasound, which we will get results tomorrow and they also did the chest X-ray and ordered the urine test. 

On our way back home, your Ah Foo sent us a picture of what he did to your koko.  Isn't it funny? :)

Good night sweet baby!

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