Thursday, August 2, 2012

YAY... they finally listened to mama, they changed you back to the LTV!

Somehow, they say that Mama Know's Best... I guess that's correct.  So, after a battle with the doctors and nurse practitioners, they finally gave in and changed you on the LTV.  Mira was the RT that day, she came and changed you back to the LTV, within 30 mins, your CO2 dropped from the 60s to the 30s.  I am SO LOVING the numbers I am seeing. 

Look at it son....

I am so excited... you are finally so much more alert, not sleeping as much... YAY!!!!  I told the CCHS mom that I've got my baby back!

Here is a picture of mama and you....

and dada and us :)

This was koko on our way to see you that evening.

Koko playing by your bedside.

Mama left at almost 3am... very tired... good night sweet baby.

By the way, Happy Birthday Yee Ma!

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