Thursday, August 16, 2012

Having a good day SO FAR and mama is loving it!

Mama has been staying here at night with you, that way, mama can help watch out for you if in case you have your avatar act again.  So far, you had 2 this morning and we were able to catch you in time, so, it's was good.  Mama fed you at 8 am, then, 30 mins later, we had the RT come do your "4 hourly massage", is what mama calls it, it's the CPT, Chest Physical Therapy, apparently to loosen up the mucus, which I think it helps. 

After that, Emily (Physical Therapy) came to play with you.  She has been working with you since you were in NICU and now on the floor.  She showed mama how to teach you to roll over, told mama you will be slower but it's ok... eventually in life, you will do all of this things, take your time, mama is not in a hurry :).

Then... we had Julie from Speeh Therapy came and that's the one big thing mama is SO EXCITED about.  She came to watch mama feed you, she said you are doing really well on the bottle.  Yes, a lot of nurse said that trach babies usually do not do that well but yes... you always exceed people's expectation... I am so proud of you little Laynson boy.  So... the big news for the day... she said the "SPEECH VALVE" word!!!!  Mama has been longing for this forever.  I told her that the one big thing that made me hesitant to trach you is not being able to hear you cry.  She said that since you are on the same trach forever, we can think about ordering the speech valve!!! YAY... that's when I hear you cry again.  a REAL cry. Well... maybe after you get it, that's when I can always hear you cry... I will not be that excited... just kidding.  Mama has been longing to hear you CRY and mama want to hear that.

We hope to have a good rest of the day.  Mama will have to continue working on work stuff.  Love you little piggy.

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