Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have never imagine I would ever get excited with poop and Co2

For those of you that have a normal healthy kid, like 2 of my older boys, you will probably get tired of having to clean poop, tired of listening to them cry not knowing what they want.  I was once there too but after having you.... I find myself in a place where I have never imagined I would be.

I get excited when you poop.... when you release gas (FART).... I love it.... that means that your bowels are working... YAY.  Yes, I had Biology classes in the past, just know that we inhale O2 and exhale CO2... what's the big deal.  I find myself getting SO EXCITED look at what they call the T com where it measures your CO2.  My conversation with our family daily is about poop and Co2. 

I know that the day where you are able to work around your trach and cry.... I will be jumping sky high.  Yes.... appreciate your little one's cry because that's how they communicate with you and you are so lucky to hear him or her cry because there are people like me who does not hear my baby cry.  One day he will eventually but at least since June 28th, I have not heard the cry that I have been longing for.

Overall... tiring but happy day!

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