Friday, August 10, 2012

Special People in your life... God mama - Shelley Collquit

I've already told you how we met this angel... your god mama.  Mama and dada is from a place far far away, but yet, God has arranged for us to meet 10,000 miles away.....even though we've only lived about 200 miles away growing up. Then, there are hundreds of pediatric offices in Dallas, we happen to choose the same one with Zoe and that's how we met your god mama.

I just have to tell you that she is such a special lady.  She held mama's hand through every step along the way with you.  Your trach surgery was the first time we met her in person, then, she came for the first trach change, she came to told the NP that a CO2 of 80s is NOT RIGHT.... she stepped up for you in every way.  She told me that she once wanted to adopt an asian baby but after having Zoe and had to go through CCHS, she decided not to but guess what... I told her... here is your long lost Asian baby boy... he's yours now whether you like it or not :)

I am glad that you have a god mama like her, she taught mama so many things and ways to care for you. 

You need to always remember how blessed you are to have an angel and god mama that was god sent....

And here are your God Sisters... Zoey (CCHS 20/26) & Lauren

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