Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time in the hospital....

Honestly, I kinda like staying in the hospital.  It's pretty relaxing, I didn't have to get out of the bed much, it's kinda cool. It's a little easier because I've been there, done that... I know what to expect and thanks to you, my sweet baby, I managed to recover so fast.  I wanted to make sure that I can see you ASAP, so, I force myself to get up so that I can have the epidural out.  I walked to the NICU everyday to see you, I am amazed with myself, how fast I recovered.

The boys came to visit me.

While dada was with you, he took a picture and I took a picture of me and your oldest brother.

They gave me Dandle Doll, it's a cloth where I was supposed to put it on me, so that they can later put it on you, so that you can smell mama.

I put what was supposed to be your leaving hospital shirt on you, hoping that you will leave the hospital soon. 

NICU nurses were so nice, they posted your name on the screen.

Grandpa and big brother came to visit you often.

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