Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phox2B test - Genetic testing for CCHS

Like Dr Venkat said, he thinks you have CCHS, so, we were told to do the Phox2b test.  Still then, I had no clue what the CCHS is.  Honestly, I have been doing so good at doing research for everything but I refused to google much on your issue because I am so scared... I am scared that I would find something that I do not want you to have and worst of all, I was afraid that I would find out that you will not make it!  It's just so sad...

Yes... I was living in DENIAL, I do not want to know, I want you to just grow out of it and that you are stronger now...

I asked what is the test about, they just told me that it's basically drawing some blood and it will be sent to an outside lab but it would take 10-15 days to get the test results.

Dr Venkat thinks that he seems to think that even if he has this, you will be a mild case, looking at your condition.

That day, Miss Nicole, yes, she's another one of our favorite nurse was the one that did the blood work.  She share something special with us, which is the love for Bulldogs.  That's why we click.  If you are reading Miss Nicole, thank you for taking good care of our sweet baby boy.

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