Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You stopped breathing AGAIN???

Ok.... I told the nurse that you are making me stop breathing as well.  The more "stop" breathing episodes I hear, I feel like I too am going to stop breathing. 

Dr Powell called in the morning, telling me that they have to do a PICC line.  Ok... honestly, before you were in the NICU, all these terms are french to me.  I begin researching "PIG" line because she did not spell out PICC to me.  Of course I couldn't find a PIG line on google.... duh.  Anyway.... I was told that she will have to do a PICC line on you since you will be NPO for days.  We needed to make sure that you have a central IV line to make sure that they don't have to keep poking you and that you have a good IV line.

Then, at about 1+pm, I again got a call from you, she told me that she's sorry, they were not able to get the line in and that you stopped breathing for about 30-45 seconds.  They think that Versat was the cause of you not breathing.  I guess if I were to talk to the CCHS mom, it wouldn't take us that long to know that you hare CCHS, all the symptoms that you were showing were clearly related to CCHS, but of course then, I refused to associate myself with CCHS and honestly, I still didn't know what CCHS is.

I still didn't know what I was into.... didn't know the FEAR of the UNKNOWN.

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