Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Surgery - Hirschsprungs - 05/31/2012

On 5/28 was the night where Miss Angela took care of you.  Yes, she is one of our favorite nurse, she loves you so much.  She constantly come check on you.  While Dr Alder was explaining to us about your surgery and what is all going on, she let your oldest brother (Laynce) hold you for the first time.  Yes... it was the first time Big Koko got to hold you.  See how cute is that?

Ohh... and while we were busy talking to Dr Alder, Miss Angela feed you 6 oz.  OMG... you were 4 weeks old and you drank 6oz. We felt that you ate too much but on the other hand happy that you are a good eater.  

Poor little baby, at midnight, they NPO again... so, you didn't get to eat since the surgery was scheduled for the next day at 11am.  

So, on 5/30/2012, we were there waiting for your surgery but unfortunately, there  was a complication on another surgery ahead of you and due to that, your surgery was pushed to the next day, so, we started feeding you again.  You just love to eat, whenever we feed you food, you seem really happy.  

Then.... on 5/31/2012, you were the first patient on the list, Dr Magason was the one that performed the surgery.  He again explained to us that they are not sure how long the surgery would take since it really depends on how many times they have to check with the Pathologist.  I still remember sitting in the surgery waiting area, working on month end stuff, it was extremely cold.  An hour later, the OR nurse called and gave us an update, saying that the surgery has just started.... wow, I guess it takes really long to prep for the surgery.  Dr Wong was the Anesthesiologist.  Then.... an hour again after that, we got a call saying that the surgery is done and that they had to chop off about 1.5 inches and it was the first pass and it's a pull through.

Dada and I gave each other a high five because we were so afraid that it's going to be a colostomy.  We were also hoping maybe this will help your breathing issue and that possibly this is the cause of your breathing issue.  

We went up to your room but you were still intubated.  They said that they extubated you but then again you were not breathing that well, so, they had to reintubate.  

There you are, being pushed back to Room 11

We left feeling happy that at least one of your 2 issues that we know of have been resolved.  Now, just praying that this will also help improve your breathing.

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