Monday, June 4, 2012

First time Dada left for Phoenix after you were born - 6/4/2012

Yes.... Mama was not happy at all because mama was used to Dada being home with us.  For the past month, dada has been home, going to the hospital daily with mama to see you and all of the sudden, he will not be home every night and mama will have to walk this lonely road to the hospital alone?  NOT HAPPY!

So, that morning, mama had to get up early to pump milk for you and then fetch dada to the airport.  Mama always go to the airport on Mondays but not to drop people off :(  Anyway... mama went to the hospital with Koko.  By the time we got here, it was Miss Nicole that was taking care of you.

You must be wondering, mama... YAWN.... what are you doing here so early, you typically do not come here that early?

Koko came with mama because he always drop Dada off.

Koko insisted that he take picture of his beautiful artwork that he did for you.

After that, Koko was hungry.... we went down to have breakfast.  Mama get 3 free meals a day since mama is a breastfeeding mom but guess what??? Koko is eating more than mama... so, mama sent a picture to dada, showing him the "breastfeeding" mom eating breakfast.

After that, we got back to see you and koko was so cute, trying to help you with the pacifier.

Can you tell how much your koko loves and adore you?  He said.... siow siow Shen Shen... come home soon.... get well soon.

After that, mama left since koko can only be in here for 2 hours.  Mama came back that evening to see you.

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