Monday, June 25, 2012

God still loves mama even though he gave you CCHS

Do you know why I say that God still loves me even though it seems like he hates me by giving me such a hard time and giving you CCHS?  End of May, Dr Jenelle Wong called and dada answered the phone.  She told him about another CCHS patient and was telling him about the blog that the other mama wrote.  Of course then, mama refused to have anything to do with it.

Yes, after yesterday, mama know that mama have no choice but to quickly contact the other mom with CCHS.  Do you know how powerful God is?  Let me tell you the story and how it's all connected.  Do you remember, on July 5th, your second brother had strep throat and I had to go see Dr Wong.  When I was at Dr Wong's office, she gave me a letter written by the mom to me, the weird thing is, the email was sent out on July 4th and God arranged for me to go to Dr Wong's office on July 5th, the next day.  Yes, I refused to do anything about it up until early this morning because I decided that I cannot run away from the fact.  You have CCHS and I cannot hide and I have to act on it fast.  The longer I hide, the longer it is to find out about how to take care of you.  I needed to know if you were going to survive, if you were going to grow up and see mama and dada grow old :(

So, I replied to the email and I searched Shelley Colquitt's name on facebook.  I immediately did a friend request.  Early this morning, I was supposed to send dada to the airport but I was too tired, exhausted because of all the news so, gong gong ended up fetching dada to the airport.  At about 7.40am, the phone rang... gosh, I got scared... thank goodness, it is not the hospital.  It's Shelley!!!

I was so grateful, she called me and talked to me for over an hour.  She talked about what she had to go through, when the Phox2B test was finally available, etc and also added me on the CCHS closed group.  Finally, I asked her... how did she manage to get to talk to Dr Wong. 

Here is the story....

She told me that for 3 years, she has never seen any other pediatric other than Dr Goebel.  End of May, Zoey has ear infection and Shelley had to call Dr Goebel's office but unfortunately, he was out on vacation.  Shelley was telling me that she was not excited at all, afraid that she had to explain to this new doctor all about Zoey's CCHS deal, etc.  Of all the doctors, Dr Wong was available and was the one seeing them.  She said that as soon as Dr Wong walked in, Dr Wong said to her, I am excited to see you guys.  She's like... "great!!!"... then Dr Wong said, there is a baby that was just recently born that most likely has this disease.  That's when she talked to Dr Wong and told Dr Wong that she will try to contact us. 

Can you believe it????  How many pediatric offices are there in Dallas?  Of all the pediatric offices... we share the same one.  Do you believe it that God actually has arranged everything for me, I was sent here to US, if I were to have you in Malaysia, I don't know how we can go through this.  We will probably end up in debts with medical fees.  So, that's already a blessing.  Then... God sent an Angel to me.... he sent Miss Shelley to me... explaining everything to mama... 

God still love mama... God still loves you....


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