Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Waking up every morning, SHAKING!!!! Another Sick Baby AT HOME???

Have you ever wake up everyday feeling uneasy and shake?  That's how I have been operating EVERYDAY awaiting for the Phox2B test results.  Since they said that it takes 10-15 days to get the results, I have not been well at all.  So.... dada left that week and mama is just too upset.  Mama have been crying everyday since the day you were born but with Dada not being here, it is just making it difficult.

Of course, again, luck is not on our side.  Yee Ko (Laynden) is not feeling well, he has been throwing up and having diarrhea, so, mama called Dr Wong in the morning, trying to see if mama can get Yee Ko in to see her.  Just didn't want to deal with another sick baby.

His appointment was at 2.20pm, I went in to see Dr Wong and when I was there, she was telling me about Zoe and her mama, Miss Shelley.  She said that Zoe looks perfectly normal, when she ask her to take a breath, she takes a breath and she has a pacer, so, she doesn't have a trach anymore.  She was telling me to do the trach ASAP to help your breathing ASAP.  OK, I was not happy at all, I cried and cried because I hate people to talk to me as if you have CCHS... NO... you DO NOT HAVE CCHS!!!!

Anyway, back to Yee Ko, apparently, he has STREP!!!!  What??? How did he get it? Poh poh and Dada is saying that they think it's from the hospital, I said that there isn't any sick kids at the LL but they still think it is.  Oh well....

I went to Dr Vu's office to drop off the paper work so that mama can get paid but on my way there, I stopped at McD to get a Coke.  Yee Ko insisted to drink mama's coke.  The receptionist, Vicki and Alma came to talk to mama, they were concern about you but I was mad because things just were not going right for mama.  You are in the NICU being sick, Yee Ko is sick, Fence is down.... what else? So, when they asked mama how am I doing?  I got so mad and I said, I am about to DIE!  I left the office and a few minutes later in the car, Shelley called, she is Dr Vu's nurse.  She said Dr Vu insist on seeing you tomorrow, anytime is fine, you just tell us... so, I said 3pm is good.  I kinda sense that what I said in the office triggered this appointment and that Dr Vu is concern about mama.  She's a very nice and sweet doctor.  Very caring!

Anyway, mama went to see you after that.  You were virtually saying... Hi mama... I miss you, can you see, you were trying to pick up your little hand to say Hi!

Yes... mama was not happy at all... crying and crying after talking to Dr Wong.  I am DOOMED!!!! 

I was so scared.... mama's pictures with you were horrible.

Mama forcing a smile....

Just talked to the NP, she seem to think that you wouldn't have CCHS since the sleep study and other test doesn't really show that you were having the symptoms and even if you do, you will be a very mild case.  I am not sure if they were trying to console mama or... it's the truth???

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