Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things seems to be getting better and better.... Time to wean you off the oxygen

I had a call that morning from Dr Powell, she has been out on vacation and just got back.  She said she was surprised that he is still here.  She said, everything seems to look good.  They think that's it's time to start weaning you off the oxygen, that's the plan... we are on the way home soon.  YAY!!! Good news.  The plan is to bump up the oxygen to 100%, and 1 liter flow and then, slowly do 0.9 liter, 0.8 liter, every 4 hours.  Sounds like a plan to me. 

You were more and more alert, you seem to be able to communicate more with us.  The developmental people came to see you on your 3rd day of life, they said that you were between, abnormal and normal but now... they think that you are right on track.  Phew.... good news.

More pictures of you and mama

You're a big boy, so, they put you in a jumper

Dada feeding you.... still remember you were sweating after that.

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