Monday, January 7, 2013

It's your dada's birthday today and tomorrow will be the first time mama is leaving :(

I am getting really really nervous.  In fact, I have butterflies in my tummy now thinking and knowing that I will be gone for 2 days and all I will see is you through the camera over the internet.  Will you be good?  Will you be ok?  OMG.... I just don't feel good now, feel like throwing up not knowing if you'd be ok my little baby.

This will be how mama will see you, yes, there you are, talking to one of our favorite night nurse, Miss Lorpu.

Our first birthday celebration as a family after the going through a scary period in our life :)

Yes, and birthdays is about the boys, not us, they requested 3 candles so that they each get to blow one :)

Thinking about it makes me really nervous.  Also, dada has been home since 12/22 and now he has to go back to his regular routine again :(  Why happy times goes on so fast?  I love you little baby boy!

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