Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 baby, this will be a great year going forward!

2012 is a horrible year for mama.  We had family issues when mama was pregnant and then, after you were born, mama's life turned upside down.  Then, business started sliding because mama couldn't get shipments fast enough and couldn't answer customers fast enough.  At the very end, we've got news of Aunt Betty, whereby she was hit on Winter Soltice day and passed away on Christmas.  I hope this year will never repeat itself, it's such a horrible and cruel year to at least our family.  I do not wish to ever have to relive this.

Though, we promise each other that we will have a great year going forward.  So, we started off our New Year with FOOD of course.  We brought you to gong gong's favorite Chinese Buffet.  Yes, look at you, such a big boy, sitting down on your own, holding your favorite mum mum crackers. Of course, you ate some food from the Chinese Buffet, you ate some cheese cake... sorry, mama love chubby babies and made sure that you ate something that will fatten you up :)

Look at you, you were so happy and excited

Ohh... yummy food!

Mama, see, I am actually eating, it's not for show.

Ok, after that, your Ah Foo said he wanted to make us steamboat (HK Style)!  So, off we went to the Chinese Groceries for the first time.  Ok, this is your first time shopping, I am so proud of you.  You did not fuss at all, instead, you were enjoying, looking at things, people but unfortunately, mama needed to hide your trach because somehow, Asians are different, they would stare at you and probably even talk infront of you and not even behind you wondering why you have a trach and machines.  Sorry, mama don't understand why but mama learnt not to do that :)

Look at how cute you are... ohh and mama purposely took a pictures of you and the Asian bottles... hehehe.

Shopping with Yee Ko


Tai Ko!!!!

We had a fun day out and ended up eating Steam boat at home.  It was good since it was a cold day.  I wish and pray that we will forever have good days, ok, I know mama is being silly, it's ok to have bad days but just a dot bad, nothing like what we went through last year!!!  Love you boys and especially you little fighter!

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