Monday, September 24, 2012

What a wonderful day and news.... I can see the light... the end of the tunnel is soon to come!

Mama thought today is just a regular Monday, busy with catching up from last week, etc.  As usual, Dada works from home on Monday, after his conference calls in the morning, I asked him to check on you.  After that, it was mama's turn to call Whitney, your Care Coordinator. 

The last time we had the care conference, Dr Gelfand said that the only thing that will most likely hold us up is the 24/7 nursing care.  Though, Whitne is again not working on Monday, and she wasn't on Friday.  I tried calling Michelle and she didn't pick up the phone as well :(  Sigh....  I guess we'll just have to wait but the again, mama didn't want to wait.

First, mama called Epic, that who we are going for nurses.... if Brandy picks that I am sure it's the best one.  Mama talkedto Marco, he said that we will be able to set something up on Wednesday at 3pm.  GREAT!!! All for it.  Then, mama finally got a hold of Michelle, she pulled your file and said that everything seems to look good including home nursing, we are shooting for Oct 2nd.  In my heart.... REALLY?  Am I dreaming, is it true?  She told me to contact the DME company, which will be Apple.  Of course mama immediately call them and Jamie picked up the phone and started arranging stuff with mama.  She is EFFICIENT.  She said, let's meet at 4.15pm.  I said we're all set.

On our way, I've got another call from Cheryl and she's with the MDCP program, Medically Dependent Children's Program.  She explained to me that the only thing that would make him get help immediately is if he stays in a nursing home or too sick to be in a nursing home but still have to stay for a day or best of all, can't go.  We'll see what Dr Gelfand says.  I am glad that today.... God has arranged for everything to move so quickly.  He moves mountains!!!!!

Of course, mama is always scrambling for time... got there a few mins late because mama got lost in downtown.  Got there and we started talking... ok... maybe your diapers and formula will be covered as well?  I was thinking in my heart, yes, God knew that I just wanted 2 kids but he gave me 3.  He took some income away from me but he made sure he made up for it.  Praise the lord....

Anyway, guess what.... she will bring your vent, etcs on Wednesday at 9.30am...YAHOO.... love it!

We spent the rest of the evening bathing you, feeding you and of course, it's Monday Night Football.... yay... so, you were watching it with Tai Gor :)

You love hanging out with big brother... soon when you are home, you get to hang out everyday :)

Well... the time has come, dada needs to leave to the airport, we had such wonderful news, we'll keep this up this week :)

Good night sweet baby boy!

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