Saturday, September 22, 2012

Laynden (Yee Gor) signed up for 3rd Care Taker

Ok, so, we are supposed to have 2 care takers signed off here at Our Children's House of Baylor... Of course mama would be the first, second is poh poh and guess who decided to be the 3rd?  Your second brother... here he is, learning how about trachs and how to do trach change and trach care...

Trach Change #1 by Laynden Lim - Care Taker 3 for Laynson

Step 1: Unhook the ties

Step 2: Clean with wash cloth
Step 3:  Take old trach out, replace with new and put trach ties back together.

 Step 4:  Check to ensure trach ties are in tact and baby is ok...

Ok... here is what Laynden's got to say to grand mama... "Poh Poh... it was a piece of cake, I have no clue why you would be scare and scramble???".... LOL...

Your brothers are hillarious, I am sure you will have fun playing with them.

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