Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another scary episode... you were gone for probably 1/2 min.

Since we didn't go there early on Sat night, I told dada that we needed to stay overnight to spend more time with you.  We arrived there after a big buffet... yes, mama need to go on diet badly because mama added 4 lbs instead of losing and yes... it is very rare that gong gong spends us dinner, so, it was a blue moon for us :P 

The tau geh... who paid:

As soon as mama came, mama got to feed you...look at us :)

Anyway.... at about 7am, Amber, our favorite C7 night nurse came and tapped at mama's feet, mama was furious thinking that it's dada but when I saw Amber, I asked her what's going on, she just was wondering if I want to feed him, since I was tired, I asked her if she could help me.  She said yes and I was too tired and continued to sleep. 

Then... suddenly I heard Amber running to the door and saying... "I NEED HELP"... CODE, and suddenly, it felt like more than 10 people were in the room, Amber was yelling Laynson, Laynson.... I knew that this is very bad.  :(  Then... after a few seconds, she said, he's back up, he's back up and from the floor, I finally saw your little hands moving.  2 doctors, a few RTs, a few nurses, I think virtually the whole C7 people that were available ran into your room and there were some that were outside.  Dr Sam came to quickly talk to us as he could see that our face were just stunt... of course.

Amber was explaining to all what had happened and it seems like this is a regular episode but you just didn't come out of it like you normally do but immediatelly after she bagged you, you came back on.  When we had the chance to talk to her, she indirectly told me that you were dead for a good 20-30 seconds.  They were ready to do heart compression, they had the machines whereby we only see on TV but not on my own son :(  Amber said that if this happens at home, while we bag you, we need to call 911 and need them to be on the way to make sure that everything's ok.  So... in other words, you were probably dead for a good 20-30 seconds since you had 0 O2 and no heart beat. 

I am not sure how many of this episodes we have to deal with but I know that when I found out that you have CCHS, that's what we were signed up for.... PICU, ER visits are going to be more than vacations... that's our "normal" life to be. 

Yes, if you ask me, it's scary but what can we do?  I know you didn't mean it to and you cannot control it, it is just part of you now. 

Anyway, look at this picture, this was taken an hour after your episode, you gave mama a big big smile... and yes, the tubes were taken off so that they could put in another tube directly to your intestine as Dr Gelfand thinks that it's your reflux that is causing you to be so mad... yet another experiment.  You were mad the whole day after that without your favorite bottle.  You are so smart now that you know that the pacifier isn't the same as your bottle :) 

Here you are with your sweet smile... little sweetheart :)

Ok, I have no clue how you can always end up like gone a minute ago and then smile like that the next??? Hmm....

Dear baby boy, you need to stop throwing these scary episodes... now Dr Gelfand wants to do a PH probe to see if your reflux is causing all these things.... sigh....

Back to tube in the nose honey...

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