Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I am 3 YEARS old!!!!

Wow.... what an incredible journey it has been.  I guess the days approaching your 3rd birthday has been challenging for me.  I am not sure why the 1st or 2nd birthday, it wasn't as bad but this year.... everything just came back to me like it was just yesterday.  I can picture walking into the L&D, expecting you to come out and waited for you at the post op room but you never came.  Instead, you went into the NICU and never came back out till months later.

Oh my... what should I say to you Laynson?  I don't know where to begin, let's just start with "I am so very proud of you".  Things that were told that you will not do or take forever to do, you proof them wrong. You are so smart, unfortunately, they keep saying that you are smarter than Laynden who is almost 2 years old.  I guess Laynden just keeps more to himself.

Anyway, mama came back earlier just to make sure mama got to say Happy Birthday to you.  I love you and you have to promise mama that we will have uncountable birthdays together!

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