Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What does family means? Life lesson son.

Dearest son, I guess I am upset about somethings and I want you guys to learn from this lesson.  Mama gave birth to all 3 of you boys and in mama's eyes, there are nobody that mama love most or least, I love all of you guys the same, maybe in different ways because like Laynson requires more help in keeping him alive, Laynden needs help in keeping him in sight and Laynce needs help in keeping him less dramatic. :)  Yes, funny but you boys have real different personalities.

Anyway, growing up, I will need you guys to help each other as much as possible.  You do not charge any one of your brothers, rich or poor for anything and you do things for them for free.  Why?  Because you guys are brothers.  It doesn't matter if you provide services for a living, you will NEVER EVER charge them and if you get $ back, give it back to them.

Your grandmama always tell us that it's not about the $$$, after all, we are only sibling once in our lifetime.  Unfortunately, not all of us are practicing that because some people think they are providing service, blood or not... it doesn't mater.  But... that's something that I wouldn't do.  Not only would I be giving my time and service and not take any money but I will do more because they are my siblings.  I guess, even though I may look like the less fortunate one in the family, I do believe that what I do for the family, God has eyes to see and he is making my dreams come true.  No matter how much people hoard and be selfish and greedy.... you will take longer than you should because you of what you did or did not do.

Good luck to those who hurt me.  Unfortunately, talking out loud about it, didn't help.  To the person who hurt me again and again.... you think you love me, but honestly, you don't.  It's ok.... I don't need any love, I have always been taking care of myself and the family.  After the email, I was so upset for 2 days.  I picked myself up and console myself but yet again, you want to try to destroy me again today.  It's ok... you can take everything but just bare in mind, once I move, I will never set foot into your door and this is it.  You will just be a hi bye friend to me.  There are a lot of people that hurt me and yet I still talk to them.  It wouldn't be different, I will still talk to you but just know that you lost me for good.

So boys.... when people get hurt, it is the end of some things so, keep our family line strong.... we need each other.  I love you boys!

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