Sunday, April 29, 2012

The day my life changed - It's because of YOU, my sweet baby boy! - April 29th 2012

I still remember clearly when you were born.  Lionel (Your uncle) just had a surgery on April 25th to take out the dead tumor and put screws so that he can be a healthy man after the Giant Cell Tumor last year.  In the afternoon, I was busy taking pictures of the stuff that I wanted to sell and then, we went to Coconut Island and had Fried Kuay Teow (A Malaysian noodle) near Asia World.  Bought a big bubble tea and headed to the hospital.  I got a feeling this will happen because originally, Lionel was supposed to go to Presby for his surgery but the very morning that he was supposed to do his surgery, he was asked to go to Plano Medical Center @ 15th street where you were supposed to be born.

Here is a picture of Dada having out with Yee Ko (Laynden - Your second brother)

Got there at about 9+pm.  I can feel contractions throughout the day, just not intense but by the time I was in the hospital, I started timing and it feels like I am about 7-8 minutes apart.  Dad wanted to go home but I just got a feeling that I should call the night line to make sure that I should go home too, I didn't want to go home and then come back out if the contraction intensify.  I called the nightline and Dr Lionel Reiman was on call.  He said since it's my 3rd and since I am in the hospital, I should just walk to L & D to check out.

CJ and I walked to labor and delivery leaving the 2 boys with dad, mom, Larissa and Lionel.  When I got there, they checked and said that I am not really dilated but contractions were 2-2.5 minutes apart.  They called Dr Vu and she said she's heading our way and that it's time.  Honestly, I wasn't really prepared, I haven't had my bag packed, even though I got a feeling this will come because I turn 38 weeks that day.  Both your other brothers were born exactly on the day they turned 38th weeks.  I had to call my sister to bring the camera, etc because I just wasn't ready. 

This time, it was a little different, I walked into OR1, instead of being pushed there and had my epidural in the OR as well.  I still remember, even before they put in the epidural, my body started shaking like crazy.  I guess they said it's just a natural reaction?  It was pretty quick, you were born at 1.46am that very morning.  I still remember, when they took you out, you cried but it was a soft cry and that I could hear gurgling sound, it means that you have lots of fluid in your mouth.  You were 7 lbs 3 oz, the biggest of the 3 and 20.5 inches. 

You were just PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL....

We did notice that they had to put oxygen on you since you were a little more sleepy, compared to both your brothers... they were LOUD...

Before I know it, they wheeled you to the nursery and I just closed my eyes and rested.  

I was then pushed to the OR recovery area, had to take a picture of myself, this was mama right after mama had you.  Dada and the rest were checking you out in the nursery.

At about 3.30am, I was told by the nurse that she will push be back to my room but my baby is in the NICU.  Little did I know, the nightmare begun.  They pushed me into the NICU you say HI to you, I did not know what was going on but they just said that your oxygen is low and that's why you were in the NICU.  They made it sound like it's a simple thing and with the epidural, I was just worn out, I just remember being pushed to the room and I just slept.

I slept pretty much the whole day on Sunday, I asked your dada how are you doing and he said you were doing alright, in fact, you were intubated.  I now know that you were pushed to the NICU because of your Co2 level being at 99 and your O2 sats keep dropping. 

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